Unclear on the Concept: Stand Your Ground

Unclear on the Concept: Stand Your Ground

The judicial system appears to be completely off base as it bumbles around with Zimmerman’s “Stand Your Ground” case. The details around the struggle are of no importance whatsoever. It is far simpler than this. “Stand Your Ground” is where Zimmerman’s car breaks down, and a stranger comes upon him and attacks him without cause, and he defends himself as a last resort. (I very much assume that if Zimmerman’s car broke down, Trayvon would have lent him his cel to call for help, so long as he was treated as a fellow human being, but this is pointless conjecture.) “Stand Your Ground” is NOT following someone. It does not matter who said or did what after this following happened. When you follow someone, you have stopped “Standing Your Ground”.

I would be very surprised if there is a single State in which you can not defend yourself in court for truly defending yourself as a last resort. I don’t think we need to strengthen or expand that principle to cover “he was wearing a hoodie” or “he looked at me funny” or “he was coming out of a Mosque”.